Optimise the residual value of a new model before launch

Comprehensive forecasts

Our experienced analyst teams prepare comprehensive, independent residual value forecasts that cover 30 influencing factors including: product design, function, specification, quality, pricing, sales planning, channel strategy and brand image.                                                                                                                                  

Actionable insight

Our experts offer advice at every stage in the development of a new car or LCV enabling you to accurately evaluate the key success factors which will influence your vehicle's residual value performance. Our recommendations help you maximise return on investment for your customers and boost sales for your car.

Maximise profit

Every percentage point improvement in residual value performance can save manufacturers approximately €1m in discounts and rebates for every 10,000 vehicles sold.  More attractive lease rates increase new car sales: a powerful sales proposition for both business and retail customers.                                                                  

Features & benefits

Strictly confidential and independent, our team of consultants:

  • carry out a detailed assessment of your new car
  • thoroughly examine your commercialisation strategy
  • identify changes to optimise residual values of a new model before launch
  • make recommendations for immediate implementation or for future models 

Our independently forecasted residual values are always:

  • fully endorsed by our local editorial teams
  • produced well in advance of vehicle launch
  • designed to support your proposals to fleets, residual value committees and dealers


A car is a used car for most of its life, so ensure you make sure you minimise risks:

  • to your dealer network
  • to your marketing and leasing businesses
  • by having multi-phase CarToMarket projects, starting two years before launch