Make successful European purchasing and de-fleeting decisions

See the bigger picture

Use Compare to review directly equivalent data on current and future residual values nationally and across Europe and adapt your fleet mix accordingly. Benchmark used and new vehicle standard and optional specifications at a glance.

Updated monthly, Compare will help you to monitor and manage the value of your fleet with confidence. 

Calculate Smarter

Calculating future residual values, benchmarking vehicles, making the right purchase decisions and adapting your fleet is easy with our comprehensive database that includes:

  • more than 100,000 new vehicles
  • more than 200,000 used vehicles
  • more than 1.25 million equipment item                                                                                              

Maximise profits

Use Compare to make astute business decisions to:

  • purchase vehicles that will retain their value for the duration of a leasing contract
  • buy vehicles with high residual values at the end of their contracts
  • assess which country will be best to de-fleet specific vehicle makes and models

Features & benefits

The most accurate and comprehensive pan-European price and specification datasets covering:  

  • passenger cars
  • LCVs
  • 15 European countries

Use Compare to make smarter and more profitable decisions by:  

  • comparing vehicles within and across markets to identify where models are underperforming and assess the action needed to bolster them
  • understanding regional variances in residual values, prompting decisions to ship vehicles across borders to receive the best resale price

Monitor and manage the value of your fleet with confidence knowing you:

  • can instantly identify current and future cross-border remarketing opportunities 
  • have instant access to the most comparable models with our industry-leading cross-border vehicle matching methodology